iC-PM    Energy-Harvesting Multiturn Counter/Encoder

  • Multiturn encoder
  • Absolute end-of-shaft encoder
  • Absolute hollow shaft encoder
  • Absolute linear encoder
  • Period counter
  • Gas meter
  • Liquid flow meter
  • Encapsulated flow meter
  • Gearless and batteryless revolution counter
  • Energy harvesting from Wiegand pulses (Devices and processes for Energy Harvesting by Wiegand Wire within position encoders are protected by several worldwide patents (such as WO 2004/046735 A1) and require licensing by the inventors and applicants.)
  • Integrated hall switch for direction detection
  • Evaluation of Pt1000 sensor output for high accurate gas meter applications
  • SPI interface to external nonvolatile RAM
  • Independent SPI interface to microcontroller (configuration and data exchange)
  • 4 low noise hall sensors with differential analog output
  • Electrical Wiegand Wire excitation for synchronisation with single turn
  • Runt pulse tolerant counting algorithm
Wiegand Multiturn Counter Encoder
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