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electronica 2018 13.11.2018
Munich, November 13-16, 2018, hall B5 , booth 412


IO-Link Slave Transceiver

The latest IO-Link slave transceiver iC-GFP from iC-Haus has two independent COM3-compliant channels, each with a feedback channel. The output switches of the iC can be configured via SPI for push-pull, high-side, or low-side operation.

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System-On-Chip Sin/Cos Interpolation iCs

The iC-TW29 is a system-on-chip core component designed for incremental and absolute position encoders. The integration of a 14-bit interpolator with error correction and a 26-bit electronic gearbox offers a complete solution for singleturn and multiturn encoders with any resolution.

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Optical Reflective High Resolution Encoder

iC-Haus will present a compact reference design of the iC-PR sensor and the iC-TW29 interpolator chip. This 2-chip reflective optical incremental encoder solution will help designers to provide high resolution, highest flexibility, and outstanding performance.

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iC-HTG Power CW Laser Diode Driver

The new laser diode driver iC-HTG enables single-channel, controlled, microcontroller-based control of laser diodes or LEDs with common cathode (P-type) or common anode (N-type) or individual anodes/cathodes in CW mode.

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