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iC-DY6818: Intelligent Coil Driver iCs for Mono- and Bistable EM Actuators 01.06.2014
Driver iC for Bistable Actuators with 8 to 36 V Supply
iC-DY6818 32 Bit Serial Input Latched Push/Pull Driver
The program of intelligent and low power loss coil driver iCs for EM actuators, such as relays, valves, or solenoids, has been expanded with a driver for bistable applications. The 32-bit output driver iC-DY6818 features a serial SPI interface for the control via a 3.3 V or 5 V microcontroller. The integrated 32-bit shift register performs the conversion from serial to parallel. A received 32-bit data word is uploaded to an internal register which then operates the 32 push/pull output drivers.

The output drivers’ separate supply VBB can range from 8 to 36 V. The adjustment to typical industrial 24 V signal levels is thereby provided. Furthermore, mono- and/or bistable relays, valves, solenoids, small DC motors, as well as LED chains can easily be controlled. The push/pull output drivers supply +/- 25 mA and pairwise they can control a bistable relay or valve with a coil in both idle states. The length of the control impulses is either determined by the microcontroller through reloading of iC-DY6818 or through the activation of the BLNK input. The latter can also be used as a joint PWM clock input for current reduction or for dimming of LEDs. Freewheeling diodes at the driver outputs are already integrated, each vs. ground and supply for the control of inductive loads.

Typical applications are:
- Universal, industrial 24 V circuit boards/interfaces
- Cable, logic and function tester with mono- or bistable relay cards
- Pneumatic or fluid controls with mono- or bistable valve cards
- Microcontroller-operated LED illuminating devices

The supply voltage for the logic part and the output drivers is monitored and the NERR output is activated at undervoltage and when exceeding the permissible chip temperature. iC-DY6818 is designed for an operating temperature range from -40 to +125˚C and the logic part has a typical current consumption of 0.5 to 3 mA. Device iC-DY6818 is available in a QFN48 package or pin-compatible to IC 8618 in a PLCC44 package.
The White Paper Flexible and Low Power Loss Control of Inductive Loads (iC-Haus) gives information about the coil driver applications of iC-Haus.
Product iC-DY6818
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